How Do You Deal With Poor Time Management?

Acknowledging bad time management and being aware that you are struggling with it is the first step in learning to improve. Bad time management means you are having a hard time organizing daily tasks and staying focused to complete them, or you are spending too much time on the wrong tasks that don’t help you. It’s completely normal and it is what many people struggle with.

To deal with poor time management you must be aware of your actions or lack thereof. Pinpoint the root causes and identify the areas in your daily routine such as your habits and your environment that are holding you back, so you know what you can improve upon.

Read on to learn about the effects poor time management can have on you, how to deal with it, what the goal of good time management is, and the most important skill you need to master it.

What are the Causes of Poor Time Management?

Poor time management can be very draining in your life. Day after day not making any progress, and before you know it, weeks or months have gone by and you feel like you are exactly where you started. Trust me, I’m very familiar with this feeling. Poor time management can cause stress, anxiety, poor sleep quality, poor work-life balance, and loss of motivation and purpose.

Stress, anxiety, and poor sleep all go hand in hand. The more stressed you are the more anxious you’ll feel and therefore the less you sleep because your mind is racing with thoughts, and sleep affects our day-to-day life. This is a vicious cycle to be in, and many people get stuck in this for years. Knowing you have uncompleted tasks or that you’ve spent the day doing nothing important will affect you mentally. The only way to conquer this fear is to take action.

Balance is the key to a healthy lifestyle, whether that be the food on our plates or the schedules that run our lives. Work and personal life are two different things that we have to keep separate for our sanity. Learning how to enjoy the time we have to ourselves when we don’t have to work is so important because it reminds us to enjoy life. It refreshes our minds and brings back our creativity to reset. After all, life is about enjoying our experiences, not working all the time. We work to live not live to work.

One of the worst feelings in my life is the lack of motivation to get out of bed. When you wake up from a night of sleep but can’t find the will to get up from the bed is devastatingly heavy. When life becomes a routine that you keep failing at or can’t get out of, I know what you’re going through, you are not alone. We all want to find our purpose to feel like we belong, and to find that, you have to get up and keep going no matter what.

How do you Deal with Poor Time Management?

First off, if you know you are bad at time management, the first thing you have to do is forgive yourself. How you talk to yourself is what you are and what you become. If you are constantly putting yourself down because you had another unproductive day, it will only make things worse. Forgive and move on, tomorrow is another day.

Working to achieve goals is not an easy task, or else everyone would be crushing goals and living a fulfilled life. Unfortunately, that’s not the case, setting goals and achieving them is what so many people struggle with. It’s a habit and it takes time and practice. Poor time management is a habit that you can break.

You will continue to have days where you fail and that’s part of the process! A day of failure is a day of learning, you can’t learn if you don’t fail. Self-improvement is a journey that requires many mistakes, it’s not a linear progression as everyone thinks. Mastering time management is a skill that requires practice. You’re not going to get it right away, but over time with consistency, you can do it. As long as you don’t give up, you will get there.

What is the Goal of Time Management?

Time management is a simple combination of mastering what to prioritize and taking action to complete those tasks. Sounds so easy right?

The goal of time management is to help you achieve your goal. Your goals need to be strong and clear and able to be broken up into smaller goals with deadlines. This means after you set your goal, you should have a list of tasks, projects, and daily to-do lists that all add up to completing the final goal.

Proper time management allows you to schedule these tasks, projects, and to-do items so they will get done promptly, which will help you reach your goals faster. Being organized will help you stay on the right track, reduce your stress and make the process less overwhelming. As you follow through and complete the tasks each day, you will reach new milestones and your final goal will start to feel so much more achievable.

Accomplishing goals and reaching new milestones gives us the confidence and motivation to keep going. Having clear plans every day makes it easier to tackle the day, rather than focusing on things that are not important, or worse when you don’t even have a plan for the day. That’s what good time management can do for you.

What is the Best Time Management Skill to Have?

The best skill to have to master time management is deciding what’s most important. Determining what to work on and when are the decisions you have to make when you map out your goals. As you make your schedules and prioritize your to-do list, you have to keep asking yourself if this will get you closer to your goal or if it’s just to stay busy. Sorting and evaluating tasks is now your job to determine the most efficient route to get to your goal.


No time management means a decline in your health as not staying organized and reaching for your goals can hurt your mind and body. Learning to be good at time management takes time and practice, so be kind to yourself when you fail. The goal of time management is only there to help you, it’s an organization skill for you to succeed.

Hong Singer

I'm the creator of Ambition Forward. I keep things simple by focusing on the goal and being consistent in my actions to get the results I want, and I'm here to help you do the same. I encourage you to look for the things that bring you joy and go for it!

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